Tamar Medford

Consultant | Life Coach | Author | Podcaster

Tamar Medford

Consultant | Life Coach | Author | Podcaster
Hope Elevated: How to accept your past, gain clarity, and develop
by Tamar Medford

When we battle low self-esteem, and that voice in the back of our mind tells us we are not good enough, all too often, we believe it. This is how Tamar's journey from a happy upbringing, into the depths of addiction and co-dependency, began. Through the use of drugs, alcohol, and other substances, Tamar found a way to silence the voices.

Hope Elevated is about learning how to accept that the events of our past can serve as a means to building a better future. This book is a story about addiction, obesity, and destructive behavior. It serves to remind us all that we are not alone in our struggles and that addiction comes in many forms, some of which we may not even recognize. When the shame we carry is released, and the guilt we feel forgiven, we can cultivate a mindset that can take us places we never envisioned possible.

By allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and opening our minds to a more positive mindset, we can all experience some of the freedom and hope it provides. Allow hope to elevate you.

What people are saying about Hope Elevated:

"Tamar's story of overcoming addiction is one of internal strength, faith, hope, and dedication to change. She has a remarkable life story and has overcome adversity through healthy life habits, discipline, and consistency."

"Through honesty with herself, self-empowerment, and creating the path to making better choices, Tamar unlocked not only a different road for herself but the inspiration for each of us to do the same."

"Tamar's journey is incredibly captivating from the very first chapter and inspires you to follow along right through to the end! Her stories are engaging, and she shares in a relatable way."

"I want you to view this book and all the coaching that Tamar has put together as your off-ramp from the road of negative momentum. You will be able to absorb the life lessons and then implement to the best of your ability to reclaim control over your life and ignite some incredible positive momentum."

"In Hope Elevated, Tamar shows us how we can tap into our own strength and turn our darkest moments into our most radical transformations. It is a compelling read of addiction and recovery told with wit, candor, and grace."