Tamar Medford

Consultant | Life Coach | Author | Podcaster

Tamar Medford

Consultant | Life Coach | Author | Podcaster
About Me

Hi! My name is Tamar Medford and I am a YB12™ Performance Consultant, Life coach, Podcast Host, Best-selling Author, and a Champion for people in recovery. Since overcoming my 20-year battle with drugs, alcohol and obesity in 2012, I have been dedicating my life to empowering others to embrace their authentic selves and live up to their true potential. I want to help people Rise in Recovery!

A little about the past that allowed me to discover my purpose

In 2011 I hit rock bottom. I was 215 lbs, financially bankrupt, unhappily married, severely depressed and wanted to end my life. It was at that point that I was tired of living the life I had created for myself so I had to make the choice to change. That first year of sobriety wasn't easy but it was the key to building a solid foundation and finding out who I was. I lost 75 lbs that year and although I had lost everything, for the first time in my life I felt a new freedom. 

Even though I had rebuilt my life after getting sober, I still struggled with the limiting beliefs that my past would always impact my future in a negative way. I had always felt I had a bigger purpose in life but had no idea what that way or how to find it. In 2019 I decided I had to start building a growth mindset and start living a more purpose-driven life. This is when the real journey began! 

What I do today

In less than 1 year, I started my consulting business, wrote two best-selling books and left my corporate day job to pursue my passion for helping others. Not only do I help people in recovery create the life they were truly meant to live, but I also train and mentor new consultants in evidence-based personal development programs so that together, we can help as many people as possible live up to their true potential.

My goal is to help people create a life so good for themselves they will never want to go back to their old way of living. We are capable of so much more than we think so I want to empower others to rise in their recovery. 

Speaking Topics

  • Drug, Alcohol and Food Addiction
  • Co-dependency & Abuse
  • Yo-yo dieting & Obesity
  • Recovery from Addiction
  • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs 
  • Purpose & Mindset
  • Becoming a solopreneur in recovery
  • Rising in Recovery 

So if you think I might be of value to your audience I would love to hear from you!