Ross Brand

Livestreaming Strategist | Author | Speaker
Live Streaming Virtual Events Monetization Hosting Author
I’ve been delighted to collaborate with Ross Brand over the years in his roles as an event organizer, speaker, and livestreaming show host. A pioneer in the livestreaming movement, he has an incredible knack for bringing together talent and helping them get recognized and paid for their efforts. Also, I have invited Ross to speak about his approach to social media branding at a business communication class I teach at NYU. My graduate students were inspired to apply the actionable steps he shared, enabling them to stand out online and get career opportunities, without chasing “likes.”

Nancy Ancowitz
Nancy Ancowitz, Career Coach, NYU Instructor & Author of Self-Promotion for Introverts®
Ross is a legit top-notch guy. He might be the nicest person I've ever met in real life and is super knowledgeable about live streams. Can't recommend him enough as your next guest!

Brent Basham
Co-founder Poddit, Pitch Page
Being on Ross' show was a pleasure and a privilege. He knows his tech so well that everything went super smoothly. And he asked some great questions. I have no doubt you'll enjoy a conversation with him - whether you're on his show or he's on yours!

Jodi Krangle
Voice Actor / Solopreneur / Podcaster
Ross is a fantastic and strategic livestreamer. I was a guest on his livestream and the guest experience from scheduling to planning to going live was just top notch. I would highly recommend him.

Christoph Trappe
Content strategy at Voxpopme