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I love OneSheet Pro. It's a super easy way for anyone to see what value I would bring to their show. There's places for me to put in previous appearances, videos, testimonials, and my own podcast. The stuff they'd normally have to research, is right there at their fingertips - all in one place. And it was very easy to set up. It's fantastic! I've already had some great responses. Thanks so much for creating this!
Jodi Krangle, Voice Actor | Solopreneur | Podcaster | Media Geek
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will using this software make me famous?

Maybe. That really depends a lot on you. But we can help you stack the deck in your favor to move that direction much faster.

What's the big deal about being interviewed anyway?

Being interviewed consistently over time is one of the best ways to grow your influence. Besides connecting with a brand new audience, interviews can help improve SEO, provide social proof, and are an excellent way to grow your network.

Who can use a OneSheet?

A customized OneSheet is perfect for anyone looking to appear on more featured interviews. It's great for authors, podcasters, coaches, YouTubers, bloggers, and anyone else interested in growing their influence.

Can't I just send an email with a bunch of links?

You could. As long as you don't mind being ignored. Hosts are busy and when they see a wall of text they just click away. And there's always someone else willing to take your spot.

What the heck is this "OneSheet" thing?

It's a single page you can share to help you book more interviews. Think of it like a one-sheet. Only online. And much better. It includes everything hosts need to choose you for their next interview.

Where can I use my personal URL (link)?

Share it on social media, email, DMs or anywhere else to help you secure that next interview.