Kay Suthar

Podcaster | Int. Speaker | Entrepreneur | Author
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One of the best personalities I have came across. I simply could not find any other guest who is offering so much of value under one platform. Kay, your a Rockstar. Keep dominating world with best you can. Cheers..!

Rohit Mhatre
Pure Value..!
I had Kay come on the show. We chatted for a couple hours. Was a fun, insightful, and eye opener on the way business and the differences in culture. She is very well versed in multiple topics. A good fit for your program.

Joshua Bolton
Kay was a great guest on my podcast 'Business and stuff'. She has an inspiring story and a wealth of knowledge in the field of Business and motivation. Kay has a positive mindset, one that truly resonates and impacts the people who talk and listen to her. 

Pierre Coombes
Founder & CEO of Big Wolf Marketing
Kay is the Best, We had such a great conversation for my podcast, so many great stories from all over the world. I would gladly do another episode with her. She talks the talk and walks the walk!

Jeff Butcher
Morning show DJ/Podcaster
We loved having Kay on our podcast. Her story is powerful and fascinating!

Caroline Miller
Content Manager
Hello my name is Terence Joseph. I'm the host of T Corner podcast. Kay was on my show last month, and she rocked it. She was an awesome guest to have, very informative, and she absolutely know what she is talking. Peace and blessings to her, her crew, and anyone that is listening to the broadcast. I will definitely have her back on my show soon.

Terence Joseph
She is a great guest
Kay was a fantastic guest! She was well prepared and brought great stories to share. The stories she shared was had valuable lessons I can't wait to share on the show! Thanks again for a great interview, Kay!

Alex Williamns
Host of Broken Bulbs Podcast
Kay is both animated and confident, using humor and artful storytelling.

Lizbeth Meredith
Kay is an inspiring speaker with a compelling story to share. I enjoyed having her as a guest!

Ebony Haywood
Podcast Host
My name is Nonofo host of LIFE TIME PODCAST. Kay Suthar was a very wonderful guest on my show. She brought such positive enlightenment to my guests, she kept the interaction very professional and easy to to follow up with question. I enjoyed our discussion and would love to have her back on the show. Thank you Kay Suthar you were not only enthusiastic but very easy to speak with and very informative. Your coaching services are also very appreciated my listeners are giving positive feedback on the free coaching snippet you provided. Thank you and do come back.

Nonofo Mosime
It was a pleasure to have Kay on my show. Learned a lot about finance. Kay's journery from being a police officer to business strategist is a true inspiration to all. One of the finest talker who makes you comfortable. All the best dear.

Aishwarya Yerunkar
I interviewed Kay for my podcast Biz Help For You and she shared some great information and stories on the topic "Failing Doesn't Make You a Failure." She was engaging and a fun podcast guest to interview due to our easy conversational interaction.

Candy Messer
Profitablility and Growth Advisor, Author, Speaker, Podcast Host
I had the pleasure of having Kay on my podcast, Talking with the Experts recently and we discussed 'Adapting to Change'. Adapting to an ever-changing environment in her life has made Kay a very strong young woman. Her experiences, achievement and her resilience are inspiring. Kay is a wonderful, generous guest.

Rose Davidson
Independent Business Owner/Podcast Host & Producer
Kay was an amazing guest. Very thoughtful and very much informed as we dove into our conversation. Her vulnerability refreshing when we discussed her origin from growing up to the present day. Her journey from police officer to life and business coach inspiring. Kay knows how to be vulnerable and get the message across very effectively on any topic imaginable. Thanks, Kay for blessing us with your kindness, wisdom, and amazing personality. My listeners are going to be blown away.

Dwight Heck
Owner of Give A Heck
Kay is such a delight to talk to, she is also very knowledgeable about sales, putting yourself out there with ZERO excuses, It was amazing to have her on the For Her Empire Podcast as she shared the truth very few female entrepreneurs wichs to accept head-on.

Abbie Nwaocha
Founder - For Her Empire
I spoke to Kay on my podcast and she was very informed, interesting and I would be happy to have her on again. Highly recommended!

Thomasq Green
Kay is great
Kay was a fabulous guest and our listeners loved her insights and uncensored power performance. Knowledgeable and fun.

Matt Rouse
Show Host and Agency Owner