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About Me

Kay Suthar, is the CEO of Make Your Mark (Podcast) Agency and the Host of Uncensored Society Podcast. When live events got shut down during the pandemic, Sales Expert, Kay Suthar, started seeking out guest interviews on existing podcast shows. After countless rejections, she crafted an approach that landed her 100 interviews in 60 days. Exposure on podcast shows continues to feed her business.

By diving into the deep end of the podcasting world, Kay began to see trends that astounded her. Many podcasters didn’t know how to get booked on other podcast shows with relevant target audiences. Some podcasters were getting bogged down and overwhelmed by the amount of production and promotion work they needed to do to increase their visibility. Strikingly, many didn’t know how to craft an irresistible Call To Action, or any type of Call To Action at the end of their interview, therefore leaving BIG money on the table.

Speakers on stages at live events typically present their information and then make an offer to the audience that incentivizes them to go to the back of the room to make their purchase. The same can be true with a podcast. The guest speaker shares valuable insights and information, a few stories or testimonials, and then a Call To Action link where listeners can access complimentary content, and be influenced to make future purchases.

Knowing firsthand what it takes to be successful in the podcasting world, Kay Suthar combines business growth strategies with podcast development, production, and promotion. She has launched the Make Your Mark (Podcast) Agency in the UK, and is eager to assist clients globally.

Addressing the pain points that podcasters struggle with; Kay and her team have crafted high-value packages that both teach and fulfill, such as;

• How to start a podcast
• How to get booked as a guest speaker on other people’s podcast
• How to reduce the production effort of producing a podcast so business owners can stay focused on building their businesses.

Kay’s signature CTA Pulse Detection™ system not only helps influencers come up with relevant and valuable Call To Actions, (CTAs), for listeners to claim, it shows them which CTAs are performing the best on which type of shows; so they can book more of those types of shows.

Kay hosts her own show, Uncensored Society Podcast, which is based on sales. She believes that sales are an unfortunate missed opportunity for a large number of podcasters, guests, and listeners alike. Her goal is to elevate podcasters to have more impact by getting their message out on more platforms and increasing their sales while helping more people.

Some talking points can include:

  • How To Become A Sought-After Podcast Guest - Start connecting with your potential clients. Uncover the 3 step formula to improve your Guest Appearances and techniques to build your authority and increase your visibility with honesty, integrity and compassion.
  • Free Your Time & 10x Your Sales - Say goodbye to the daily headaches of editing your own show! Discover why having your own podcast is great for your credibility and ultimately sales. Give yourself permission to build a thriving business and free yourself from the day-to-day operations that are bogging you down.
  • Stop Chasing Sales - Start connecting with your potential clients. Uncover the 5 step formula to improve your Sales mindset and techniques to increase your sales by selling with honesty, integrity and compassion.
  • Adapting To Change - Dealing with adversities, learning to pivot your business and strategies so you adapt to the world.
  • Thinking outside the box - Having a different perspective, being aware of yourself and your surroundings and getting creative as a business owner/entrepreneur to solve dilemmas
  • Failing Doesn’t Make you A Failure - learning from your failures and being prepared to fail big as many times as possible to lead to success.
  • Leadership - the difference between being a boss to being a leader and what it really means to be a leader.

If you think I'd be a good guest for your show, feel free to reach out!