Katie Brinkley

Social Media Strategist | Podcaster | Entrepreneur

Katie Brinkley

Social Media Strategist | Podcaster | Entrepreneur
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About Me

Hey ūüĎč my name is Katie!

I am a Social Media Strategist and Consultant.  I have been helping businesses and entrepreneurs with their social media for nearly 2 decades. I specialize in coaching entrepreneurs on how social media can be an incredible tool to help find new leads, build community, and grow sales.

Back when I started, being a social media ANYTHING didn't exist. I graduated
 Katie started her career as a sports reporter in Denver at the radio station 850 KOA. She was passionate about football and growing up, she rarely heard women on the radio talking about football so she wanted to change that. After graduating from college, she landed her "dream job" as a sports reporter for the largest radio station in Denver.

While I was still getting my radio career up and running I was helping bands get their music onto radio stations by connecting with them on Myspace. I quickly saw what an incredible tool social media could be and never really looked back. I continued to help many businesses get up and running on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter while I was working at the radio station.   After 3 years as a locker room reporter for the Broncos, Avalanche, and Rockies I transitioned into marketing.

After helping small businesses and large corporations with their marketing for over a decade, I decided to start my own venture. I now teach businesses how to have a social media strategy that they can stick to. I know that social media can be very overwhelming to many business owners and that is why I love teaching people that with a strategy behind their social media they can be successful with as little as 1 hour a week.

I love staying up to date on the latest social media news and trends, which is why I also have started diving into the world of NFTs and Web3. The work I am doing now in social media will soon be transitioning into a new world when Web3 really begins to take off. I currently have an NFT project in the works and have started community managing for different projects on Discord and Twitter. It really is a whole new world and is extremely interesting.     

Lastly, I also host three podcasts, Rocky Mountain Marketing, Across The Pond NFL, and NFT Ninjas Podcast. 

Some talking points can include:  

  • 5 reasons you aren't getting leads from your social media
  • How to optimize your Instagram¬†
  • What are NFTs and why should your business care?
  • How to leverage social audio to grow your business ¬†
  • How podcast guesting can grow your business
If I can serve you and/or your audience in any of the ways mentioned above hit that CONNECT button and let's get it on the calendar!