Jodi Krangle

Voice Actor | Solopreneur | Podcaster | Media Geek

Jodi Krangle

Voice Actor | Solopreneur | Podcaster | Media Geek
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Jodi is a fun, engaging and down-to-earth guest. She's also one of the top experts in the field of audio branding and a talented voice actor with an impressive client list and library of work. She's the real deal. I highly recommend Jodi as a guest on your podcast or live show.

Ross Brand
Live Streaming Video Host | Consultant | Speaker
Jodi Krangle was a recent guest on my podcast, 19Stories: from Fear to Hope, and we had such a delightful, informative and engaging conversation. Her graciousness belies the years of experience and talent that she has as a podcaster, voice artist and singer as she truly cares about and invests in others succeeding in what they do. I felt like I was chatting with a life-long friend and given the feedback I've received there are many others who feel the same way. I'm very fortunate to have had her on my show!

Cheryl Holling
Voice Talent & Podcast Creator.Producer.Host
If you haven't heard Jodi's incredible voice, stop reading and listen to her now. She's a phenomenal voice actor and a top expert in the area of audio branding. She brings massive value as a guest and would be a fantastic addition to your show!

Brent Basham
Co-founder Poddit, Pitch Page
Jodi is one of the best there is in the world of audio branding and providing voice talent. She is a gifted artist that knows her craft and the business that encapsulates it. Couple this with that fact that she's genuinely a caring person and you have yourself a winning guest!

Larry Roberts
Audio Branding with Heart!