Bill Soroka

Serial Entrepreneur, Author, & Podcaster

Bill Soroka

Serial Entrepreneur, Author, & Podcaster
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Meet Bill Soroka

Author | Coach | Podcast Host | Golden Girls Fan

Bill is the serial entrepreneur founder of and teaches mobile notaries across the country how to build a business that gives them access to a flexible schedule & unlimited income while providing an important and necessary service for the US economy. He's also the host of The SideHustle Lounge Podcast, where he speaks to guests about legit income opportunities, the mindset to make them successful, and the adventures and lifestyle you can design when you find success, however you choose to define it.

He's the author of two Amazon best selling books:

  • Sign & Thrive: How to Make Six Figures as a Mobile Notary and Loan Signing Agent
  • Supercharge Your Notary Business with LinkedIn (Written with Sandra Long)
The road to success has not been an easy one for Bill. Through epic failure and heartbreak, he managed to use the lessons learned as fuel for the persistence train to create a modern day rags to riches story. 

Have you ever met someone that has failed in business over 26 times (and counting)?

Well, that's Bill's story. He's a multipotentialite serial entrepreneur that has a habit of turning every hobby into a business. As a Number 7 on the enneagram, Bill rarely meets an idea he doesn't like, and he has the portfolio career to prove it. He's always got multiple irons in the fire and wouldn't have it any other way.

Several years ago, all those irons melted in that proverbial fire though (well, all but one), and Bill found himself broke financially, broken hearted in love, and at risk for eviction and depression. Through rigorous introspection and what he called his "results-inventory," he discovered his worst fear- There was no one else to blame and HE was the common denominator in his failed businesses and relationships.

Facing those demons head-on, and embracing what he had avoided his entire life, Habits and Routine, he set out on a new course of success in the ONE remaining business he had- As a mobile notary and loan signing agent for the mortgage industry.

Nail It & Scale It: From Side Hustle to Enterprise

Bill's story demonstrates that perserverence and a commitment to personal growth really does work. It also proves that a guy who quit on 26 different business endeavors can still turn things around and come out on top...after age 40.

After the remaining businesses petered out, Bill took his notary side hustle a lot more seriously, taking the lessons learned from 26 failures and applying them to an antiquated industry. He became an expert and sought-after mobile notary in Phoenix, Arizona, creating his Daily Do's-a business success routine- that cultivated relationships that generated multiple six figure revenue for him as a solo-preneur.

Recognizing that the this role as loan signing agent could be exactly what others like him might be looking for (Flexible Schedule, Unlimited Income, Legitimate Business), he started sharing his passionate journey on YouTube, surpassing over 20,000 subscribers in this underrated niche.

He then launched his highly rated online subscription course, The Sign & Thrive Notary Training Course and Community, closely followed by several more industry specific training courses.

The course led to writing and self-publishing  two Amazon Best Selling Books that have sold tens of thousands of copies in a micro-niche.

Bill now hosts The SideHustle Lounge Podcast, where he gets to talk to guests all over the world about legit business opportunities, the personal development it takes to make them a success, and then the lifestyle design, adventure, and legacy, that can be enjoyed with success.

Interview Bill About:

  • Overcoming the shame of failing at 26 businesses.
  • The importance of habits & routine
  • A powerful morning success routine
  • Overcoming heartbreak as a solo-preneur (Life and business keep going even when you're grieving)
  • Self-publishing and the sick-to-it-ness to do it
  • Grief after creative publication
  • How to start a mobile notary and loan signing business
  • How to Nail It & Scale It
  • Blending & branding multiple side hustles
  • The enneagram number 7, pitfalls and advantages in business
Ask Bill About:

  • What is a multipotentialite serial entrepreneur? 
  • As a multipotentialite, how do you overcome being surrounded by people that think you should "specialize?"
  • How has the Rule of Five helped you succeed in life and business? 
  • What are the top three or four books that have helped you the most, and why?
  • How many books do you read each year? (It's a lot)
  • How important is having a vision statement for your goals?
  • How do you feel about affirmations in general? 
  • What would you suggest to listeners that are interested in getting on the personal development path?